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Art A. Ayris

Bio: Art Ayris, CEO Kingstone

His creative awards include Best TV Movie in Hollywood’s Next Success contest, Best Feature Florida Film & Television, Best Feature Angel Awards and other film festivals. He is Executive Editor of the Kingstone Bible and a prolific writer of comic books including The Last Convert of John Harper, Babylon and several others. His company was selected by SONY Pictures for the graphic adaptation of their motion picture The Remaining. Kingstone also recently signed an animation agreement for a complete animation of The Kingstone Bible.

Ayris is a regular contributor on both Christianity and the comics industry and has been interviewed by FOX News, The Guardian, American Family Radio, Christian Science Monitor, Faithwire, Publishers Weekly, The Humanist, WORLD magazine, Baptist Press and many other media outlets. 

Ayris also serves his community as the Executive Pastor at First Baptist Leesburg FL and as Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees. He was the founding Executive Director of the Community Medical Care Center, now served by over 50 volunteer doctors and led in the acquisition of a motel to take care of homeless families, the Samaritan Inn.

Art’s wife, Kelly, a former television director and producer, is now part of the Kingstone creative team. They have been married for 35 years and have two sons they consider their greatest productions yet, a daughter-in-law and their first grandchild Haddon Arthur coming soon to a theater near you! 

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Art Ayris is the founder of Kingstone and the catalyst behind the Kingstone Bible, the most complete graphic adaptation of the Bible ever done. In his role as both a writer and a publisher, Ayris assembled a team of name comic artists with runs at top houses such as Marvel and DC and paired them with evangelical writers to compile the Kingstone Bible,  a 2000-plus page fully illustrated Bible trilogy which is being translated into multiple languages worldwide.